Passion Project: 27 South x Common Ground Brewing

Passion Project: 27 South x Common Ground Brewing

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Man, this beer was a ride!

Collabs are always a blast, but when you’re brewing with legends like Jimmy and Ben from Common Ground, you know you’re in for a good time.

Straight away we were all on the same page. Neither brewery had done a fruit beer in a while and, it being the backend of summer, we were all enjoying sessionable pale ales.

So, without much back and forth at all, we decided to lay down a simple pale ale with a twist – the twist being a load of passionfruit pulp added cold side for some zing and punch.

We kept the grit unpretentious, chucked some Amarillo in the boil and then sent it with a huge Galaxy dry hop.

‘Passion Project’ turned out amazing – a sweet, tart, juicy lil banger! All of us were stoked with the final product, and as it turns out, so were you guys!

Milton Common hooked through their five kegs in a weekend and we also sold out in record time with the likes of Archive, Hellbound, Zero Fox, Wandering Cooks and Brewski jumping on board.

Keep an eye out for another collab with Common Ground in the near future. We’re all keen to run it back!

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