Day Trip

Day Trip

Where to start with this beer? Day Trip feels like a long time coming but, at the same time, it seems to have come about all at once.

One of the first beers we ever made, it’s also one of our favourites. We’ve been working on it for a few years now, iterating the recipe, experimenting with new ingredients, refining our techniques and processes. Funnily enough though, after our the wandering, we ended up right back where it all began, brewing the original recipe. Which is kinda fitting really. Because the best day trips go the same way. You leave brimming with expectation, explore new places, see new things, and then head right back home again.

Light, refreshing and a little bit tropical, Day Trip is perfect for wherever the day takes you. We reckon it also pairs well with good food, scenery and conversation. We’re stoked it’s going to be our first beer in cans and bottle shops.

Such an occasion has got us feeling all sentimental too – thinking of all the one-day escapes roaming the 27th parallel south that have led us to this point in time.

For the last few years, we’ve been helping out at Hub Brewing – a wonderful, family-owned, small-batch brewery in Geebung – honing our skills, trialling new recipes and generally becoming better brewers. Hub’s owners Chris and Linda have helped us immeasurably. They’re wonderful brewers and business owners, but even better people. We’re lucky to call them friends and, in many ways, this beer is as much theirs as ours.

Day Trip also belongs to the fine folk at Sea Legs Brewery underneath the Story Bridge. Jon, Dave and Abby let us loose in their incredible venue a few weeks ago and were there to guide us through our first brew day. Jon and Abby are true pros and this beer tastes better because of them.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, this beer belongs to you – our friends, fans and fellow craft beer lovers. We hope you enjoy drinking Day Trip as much as we do.


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